Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Benavente to La Baneza

Probably not the best day to get lost, what with the rain and the proposed double stage .... sloppy research contributes, plus trusting the exchange in Spanish and advice to keep straight on ... no sign of yellow arrows, but on we go, until a chap offers fresh advice ... finally leading to the Way and the first coffee of the day, after five and a half hours, a good hour on top of time for actual route .... extra early start, in the dark, makes it possible, and promised rain holds off for an hour ... after that the kit is tested and at the coffee stop, actually the day's destination on, serious consideration is given to finding a bed there, as the intensity of the rain increases ... however, 1 pm is early to stop, and Astorga calls tomorrow with lots more pilgrims joining from the French Way ... none seen since carelessly losing Helmut and Anna in Zamora ...

After three hours plodding in the downpour, the rain eases off ... even allows a little evening sunshine ... room found in the centre of town, radiators working hard to dry everything out, and a special treat for the feet and legs, a hot bath ... no rehearsal for the morning since clothes are still drying, but it looks easy enough and the stage is only 25km ... a half-day after today's epic ...

Needless to say, the tablet with camera stays dry in the pack ... maybe some pilgrim pics tomorrow!

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