Sunday, 18 March 2018

Ruitelan to Sarria

Breakfast at 7am, with Ave Maria and other uplifting music, Pequeno Potala one of the best Albergues ... snoring brothers broke the sleep a bit, but that's dorms for you ... light rain to start, stopping for a while before turning to light snow as we climb steeply towards O Cebreiro, wher the snow has settled, making paths tricky ... this tough 9km is done by 9.30 and a quick rest and coffee before joining a procession of day tripping pilgrims just arrived by bus, mixed in with some with full packs who have just checked out of hostels here ... all hitting the hard shoulder to avoid the thick snow ... pretty much the story to Triacastella, though the day trippers cut out earlier ... the road drops steeply into town, leaving the snow behind ... lunch at two and it takes a while to recover for the afternoon 18km, on a much more scenic route, along quiet lanes, rain coming and going, a few sunny spells, a short rest and shandy 7km from Sarria and in by 7pm ... a challenging 50km day, rewarded with a Hostal room on the way in ... a hot shower, red wine with tapa and ready for an early, snore free, night ...only four days to Santiago now and possible to slow down ... but the challenges are hard to resist ...

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