Thursday, 11 April 2019

Ferreira to Arzua

As Santiago grows closer, the Way slows down ... breakfast  includes porridge and more conversation ... option to stay another day always open and seriously considered ... Ton keen o pursue ideas, especially about the gift economy ... donativo Albergues under some scrutiny from regulators ... this one they bought fully regulated and changing its form may be tricky ... meanwhile Ria is mourning the recent loss of the family dog ... a lovely couple living the life of supporting the pilgrims ...  in the end the legs are ready for action, feet settled down, mind set for Santiago and Finisterre. .. Melide at 20km and the joining of Ways offers more options and Arzua, 15km on,  enables single stage to Santiago, or two short ones ... intermediate Albergues along the way ...

Mary and Brian from Galway offer Irish pace ... relaxed ... great connection between periods of solitude ... a few others on the road as the rain desists and Sun returns ... a little climbing through woods and small villages until Melide for lunch and a busier afternoon, with an English group from London, having started in O Cebreiro ... Spanish school groups, with one having started in Sarria ... in Arzua, student peregrinos everywhere  ... lovely to see, but albergues best avoided if a peaceful night is preferred ... a cosy pension is chosen, a good, early breakfast booked ... Santiago in sight if the feet and legs are willing ... under 40km, not easy but doable ... let's see!

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