Monday, 17 October 2016

Birthday Monday

Departing pilgrims in no rush ... full moon obscured by cloud ... clearing later for morning stroll in the surf ...sun hot reflecting off shallow sea ... musing on these days in San Vicente ... not known for popular tourism from Britain, retired Welsh cycling and campervan couple notwithstanding ... glad to escape lifetime careers in the NHS ... or National Illness Business as it has become .... people profile evidenced by newspapers on display ... here the only English language ones are New York Herald Tribune and  FT ...some balance  for often wild conspiracy theories on FB feed .... between them it seems the insatiable military-industrial monster led by the USA is preparing yet another war, this time a big one ... resource rich Russia, meddling in US business in the Middle East, the target ... how to transcend the madness of it all? Surely not by buying into the decadent myths of capitalism ... or to be practical, not buying all the stuff they sell .... conspicuous consumption being a root cause of so much misery ...

Pilgrims arrive slowly ... three having escaped earlier, going on to next hostel ... Denmark, Spain, Germany ... 12 in all ... one on bike over the Picos ... which are calling, though best when free of cloud cover ... toe recovering, no sign of replacement hospitalero ... or dentist for failing filling ...

It's Luisa's birthday ... and thanks to my rubbish command of Spanish, I wish her Happy Christmas ... an easy mistake to make ... and there is cake!

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