Friday, 2 January 2015

in Tavira . . .

New Year's Day in Tavira and not a lot going on. I give up on the internet and head for the island and its wonderful beach.

Walking barefoot on the sand, muse about the possibility of walking West across the Algarve, then North towards Lisbon, following the coast for a while.

Crossing the dunes to the lagoon, the plodging becomes more challenging and my feet soon have a mudpack. Back to the sea to wash them. They are grateful for the fresh air and connection with the elements.

Back in town, I find a bar for a glass of wine and internet that works . . . catch up on Happy New Year posting.

And a message from Tavira Helpx host, suggesting coffee in the morning, opening other options.

Yesterday's food shopping makes another veggie stew, this time shared with my room mate, Silva, from Madeira. He has worked in Ireland and England and finding work hard to come by. Panhandling in the bars to pay his room and food.

Maybe something for him from the Helpx hosts in the morning.

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