Saturday, 13 December 2014

research. . .

Some people like research. Going very deeply into a specific subject. I prefer to wander across, picking up the pieces of the jigsaw the researchers discovered, trying to see the big picture. Shallow.

Readers may have noticed I did not research the Camino much before setting off. I am discovering it day by day. Or this part of it anyway. The routes are all over the place. Like a parallel universe. This thought hung around yesterday, as I plodded along the path from Leon to Astorgas, the N120 on one side, the motorway on the other. The cars, lorries and buses, their drivers, might as well have been in a different dimension.

I will probably read more about the whole camino thing when I finish. Perhaps watch the film that has encouraged lots of Americans to come.

I didn't consciously not research it, but I enjoy it better with some surprises. Early on, it was important to know where the albergues were. Now they are every 5 or 10 kilometres.

And, of course, the best researched plan still has to respond to changing circumstances day by day.

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